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Hello! I am Karen C. Bishop. I got involved in doing hair at an early age in life. I used to sit on my front steps of the house I grew up in, braiding the neighborhood kid’s hair. We must have been at least 12 or 13 years old. My friends would come up with ideas for styles, and bring it to my vision. Eventually, I went to College and majored in accounting. While there, my dormitory room would turn into the beauty parlor. After graduating, I clients continued to seek me out to do their hair! I decided to get a cosmetology license since this skill was never going away. The hair game became so prevalent in my life, that I was forced to terminate my job, which was a good job, and concentrate on beauty enhancement. I met a wonderful person – Joyce Bryant – a prolific singer, back in her days. She was very instrumental in helping me to see the vision. Joyce would say “Baby, you need to quit your job, and do hair fulltime”! She introduced me to Jeffrey Woodley, who took me under his wings and developed my skills even further. Jeffrey was the hairdresser to many celebrities.

I would weave their hairs, and he would cut them! We were a great team. Eventually, I grew my own wings. My work has been displayed in Essence, Black Elegance, Hype Hair, The Ave, YRB, and many others! I have travelled abroad to do fashion shows, and several celebrities. My work also included working on music videos, television, and commercials. I am still thanking God for my continued success!

Karen received her cosmetology license in 1985 and her B.S. degree in accounting in 1983. While attending college, she aggressively & consecutively pursued a career in hair styling and has successfully cultivated what has become an exceedingly high-volume clientele list. Karen's intensive training and experience in the business field helped her become an entrepreneur in the hair industry. She continually strives for excellence while being focused on remaining at the forefront of innovative hair care and design.

To see some of her hair weaving magic and other hair styles, be sure to see her portfolio here.



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