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  • Photo Shoot Hairstyling Karen is available for photo shoots upon request.
  • Brazilian Straightening A revolutionary treatment is an intense treatment that softens, smoothens, and most important gives you straight hair.
  • Hair Extensions-Any fiber added to ones hair, in individual sections, used to make hair longer, have a different texture, color, and or highlights.
  • Hair Weaves-Any technique used to attach hair to the hair on the scalp to give the appearance of naturally enhanced hairdos. (Conventional braided and sewn).
  • Braids Karen Bishop offers hair braiding for men as well as women. Her braids can be thin, thick, or of any size and she can design the braids to be as complex or as minimal as you want them to be. A process formed by interweaving three strands of any fiber. We offer micro, small, medium, large, invisible and tree braids.
  • Interlocking Braids A braided technique used to lock extended hair on to the hair on the scalp to create volume, add a different texture, a different color, or to add length. This technique is best for fuller hair designs, and can last for 3 months.
  • Perms Hair perms is a process where a chemical and/or thermal treatment is used on hair to produce waves, curls or straight hair. Although you can get the hair curled by perm, straightened or even curly, you must remember that hair must grow out gradually and that the perm must be cut off to restore one's hair back to its original form.
  • Hair Dying Our hair dying is able to return gray hair to its previous color, change hair color to a shade regarded as more fashionable or desirable; or to return hair to its original color after chemicals (e.g. tints, relaxers, sun bleaching) have discolored it.
  • Dreads & Extended Dreads Dreads are heavy matted coils of hair which can be formed from all possible hair types. They can be intentionally formed; because of the variety of different hair textures, various methods are used to encourage the formation of locks such as backcombing sections of the hair, twisting or a process involving the weaving of the hair with a crochet needle to form knots.
  • Corn Rows Rows of hair braided tightly against the scalp in beautifully crafted designs.
  • Twists
    process formed by interweaving two strands of any fiber. She offers two strand, Senegalese, and kinky twists with or without extensions
  • Shrink Links

She also provides services for chemically treated hairstyles i.e. perms, color, conditioners, steam conditioning, and cuts.

Please feel free to call for a consultation (917) -640-1980.

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